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Restorative Yoga Benefits

105 Shares Yoga is something very special, an amazing personal development art with a complex science built into it. It has a rich history of over 5000 years, formulated founded in India by “Siddhis”, or in simple terms, individuals who studied the body and the way it holistically functions. These alchemists and surgeons systematized asanas,… Read More »

Yoga Gear: What Equipment do You Need?

Yoga Gear: What Equipment do You Need? If you’re just starting out with yoga, you may not know what kind of yoga gear to get. The yoga industry continues to come up with different products like clothing and equipment you might need before stepping inside a yoga class. But the truth is, you actually don’t… Read More »

Can i do hot yoga while pregnant

The heat is believed to enhance your flexibility, endurance, and weight loss. With Pavana Muktasana on the back you should bring your knee out to the side rather than compressing the belly against the thigh. A hot yoga practice can bring many benefits —better physical fitness, improved cardiovascular health, and reduced stress, depression, and anxiety.… Read More »