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Agile methodology is about releasing value and not creature comforts

Agility is about releasing value, but in some circles a misunderstanding of a ‘people-centric’ focus can unintentionally undermine that principle. Well-meaning leaders new to Agile are sometimes coached to put all their efforts into creature comforts for their people whilst forgetting the primary purpose of the firm – to relentlessly deliver value to their customers… Read More »

Automating ‘high level’ healthcare tasks can create high value savings

Busakorn Pongparnit/Getty Images With the recent influx of data across the healthcare industry, the time to fully implement artificial intelligence and machine learning is now, according to Brandon Sim, the chief technology officer and chief operating officer at ApolloMed, a tech-powered healthcare management company “Especially because recent CMS regulations are going to force electronic health… Read More »

Incremental risk amid COVID-19 re-openings: What do we value most? [PODCAST]

The Podcast by KevinMD | Podcast | September 25, 2020 “Grocery shopping is not optional; it’s necessary. But if you go every day and to multiple stores, you are increasing the chance you will be exposed. From my informal survey, this practice is extremely common. Yet, experts advise to consolidate shopping. In fact, in my… Read More »

As if the move to value wasn’t hard enough, now health plans have new challenges to tackle

As the public health crisis continues to unfold, health systems and independent provider practices are under increasing financial strain while their ability to deliver high-quality care is decreasing. These circumstances could unwind any progress that healthcare has made in replacing the traditional fee-for-service reimbursement model. During these extraordinary times, health plans can take immediate- and… Read More »