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Almost one in ten HIV PrEP users report buying antibiotics for STI prevention, raising concerns over potential antibiotic resistance

An online community survey conducted in the UK shows that 9% of HIV PrEP users are buying antibiotics to prevent themselves from getting STIs. The survey results from 2019 were published in last month in the Sexually Transmitted Infections journal. Those buying antibiotics were more likely to have had at least five condomless sexual partners… Read More »

Zoom users flock to cosmetic surgeons amid COVID-19 pandemic

Whether the camera lies or not, Americans seeing their own faces on it as video-conferencing apps take the place of in-person conversations during the coronavirus pandemic, are craving cosmetic enhancement. Now that the option of elective surgeries has been restored, they’re crowding appointment books at a time when many other medical fields are trying to regain… Read More »