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Dr oz 5 day body type diet

If you’re a fan of the Dr. Oz Show like I am, you’ll know that Dr. Oz has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to getting healthy and losing weight. From covering the HCG diet to concocting delicious smoothies to showcasing the latest workout trends, The Dr. Oz Show almost always teaches you something… Read More »

Type 2 diabetes and high protein diet

In conclusion, HP diet could be indicated to obtain beneficial results in weight loss and lipid metabolism. But most foods that contain protein also contain fat, and a few also contain carbohydrate. Diabetes Educ The exclusion criteria were: comparison was not protein based on diet composition; the ratio of energy from protein in diet intervention… Read More »

Type 2 Diabetes and Sexual Health

Sexual Health is of equal importance to persons suffering from Type 2 Diabetes as they are concerned of the diabetes itself. As a healthy sexual life brings happiness and better environment and circumstances for diabetes management. Many people assume that when someone has a chronic illness, they have so many things going on managing the… Read More »

Ornish diet type 2 diabetes

There are no diabetes foods or bad type But some foods are healthier than others. But thank gype again diet making this information available and accessible. A second study, led by Jennifer Daubenmier, Ph. Research shows that animal protein may significantly increase the risk of premature mortality from all causes, among them ornish disease, cancer… Read More »

What to avoid with type 2 diabetes

If you chose to try a low-calorie diet, speak to your GP or nurse first, especially if you use medication like insulin. Losing Weight with Type 2 Diabetes. Gestational diabetes is a condition that causes high blood sugar and other complications during pregnancy. Your diet plays a very critical role in managing your diabetes by… Read More »