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‘Most infectious Covid strain’ is here

Victorian authorities have dropped a bombshell revelation that the most infectious Covid-19 strain — called Delta — has arrived in Australia. B. 1.617.2 is the same coronavirus strain that has decimated India and is also causing concerns in the United Kingdom. Victorian chief health officer Professor Brett Sutton told reporters that seven cases of the… Read More »

Health, the Great Unifier (For Most)

As the COVID-19 expanded peoples’ consciousness about infectious disease and opportunities to keep a tricky virus at bay, consumers grew new muscles about public and individual wellness…now, “more invested in achieving it,” according to In Health We Trust, a survey report from Healthline Media. To gauge Americans changing perspectives on personal health, HealthLine conducted surveys… Read More »

Hospital price-setting would have the most impact in reducing healthcare spending

Regulating hospital prices by setting what private health plans pay would have the most impact as a policy option for reducing annual hospital spending, according to new research from RAND Corporation. The study compared three policy options – regulating hospital prices, improving price transparency and increasing competition among hospitals  – to find which action would… Read More »