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With latest FDA nod, Biohaven’s Nurtec becomes first migraine med to prevent—and treat—attacks

When Biohaven Pharmaceuticals’ Nurtec ODT launched last year, it joined a class of other medicines from Allergan and Eli Lilly aimed at providing migraine patients immediate pain relief. But with an approval Thursday, the drug becomes the first option to both prevent and treat migraines. The FDA approved Biohaven’s dissolvable Nurtec ODT, or rimegepant, for preventive treatment… Read More »

Where can i get a migraine piercing

Some people are sensitive to different types of metal. Change up your pillowcase every couple of days to avoid. I have noticed that if someone has migraines that normally start on say the right side of their head, then they should get pierced on the left…and vice versa…those that get them in the center should… Read More »

When is a migraine chronic

Show More. While superficially there seems to chronic a lot of information required, it is almost invariably the case that patients will volunteer much of this information without being specifically asked, and it usually does not take too migraine time to fill out the gaps if a structured approach to the history taking is followed.… Read More »

What can i do for my migraine

When your head is pounding, you just want it to stop. Get the facts about effective headache treatments, including medication and quick-acting home remedies. Anyone who’s experienced the splitting pain of a bad headache knows how difficult it can be to work, drive, or even carry on a conversation while your head is pounding. But… Read More »