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How COVID-19 drug/vaccine decisions might be based on little evidence

At this point, the Food and Drug Administration could grant emergency-use authorization. In other words, the two vaccines could hinge on the combined results of 64 people. Haseltine concludes: If — or perhaps when — positive early results from these trials are announced, keep my warnings in mind. These protocols seem designed to get a… Read More »

Tourists, Beware: Foreign Visitors’ Travel Health Insurance Might Exclude Pandemics

It was evident that the fever, nausea and loss of appetite Vlastimil Gajdoš felt on his wedding day was not a mere case of cold feet. Gajdoš, 65, fell ill in Honolulu in March after arriving with his bride-to-be from the Czech Republic. He and Sylva Di Sandro, 58, intended to marry and honeymoon on… Read More »

Okay, There’s a ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Theory Going Around Saying Jackson Might Die

Gilles MingassonGetty Images It’s been a few weeks since Grey’s Anatomy season 16 ended, but fans are desperately trying to figure out what would have happened if the season got the last few episodes it was supposed to. One wild theory going around involves Jackson Avery, and fans on Reddit think that if the season… Read More »