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How To Get Rid Of Toxic Metals Inside Your Body

How To Get Rid Of Toxic Metals Inside Your Body : Your body can unknowingly take in metals that are toxic and detrimental to your health, and may prove fatal. These toxic metals include iron, aluminum, mercury and lead. Factors such as environmental pollution, industrial waste, and diet, are some of the causes of toxic build-up… Read More »

Inside the luxurious underground bunkers where the rich bug out

When the going gets tough, the rich get going … to luxurious underground bunkers. Suddenly, heading six feet under doesn’t sound so bad, especially when the new digs often include pre-stocked food and blast-proof doors. Helicopters are on standby “if that moment comes,” says one bunker specialist, to whisk elites into subterranean palaces with below-ground… Read More »

Inside the female-run communist terror group hell-bent on destruction

The handcuffed woman glowered as federal investigators swarmed the Cherry Hill, New Jersey, storage unit where her “combat materials” were stashed. But not even a hardened homegrown terrorist like 29-year-old Susan Rosenberg was ready to die this November night in 1984. “Put out the f–king cigarette,” she growled at an officer who had unwisely lit… Read More »