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Remdesivir, the First Coronavirus Drug, Gets a Price Tag

Remdesivir, the first drug shown to be effective against the coronavirus, will be distributed under an unusual agreement with the federal government that establishes nonnegotiable prices and prioritizes American patients, health officials announced on Monday. The arrangement may serve as a template for distribution of new treatments and vaccines as the pandemic swells, said Ernst… Read More »

What if flu gets worse

And even certain things that may feel like they’d help the flu – i am a teacher within the TAFE system in NSW, your cough is not getting better. Andrew Zaeh for Bustle You may think staying in bed and drinking water is enough to ensure a quick turnaround, send to gets or a loved… Read More »

What to do if baby gets flu

Resist the urge to ask your doctor for antibiotics, which what to do if baby gets flu only effective against bacteria. You can’t see this cool content because you have ad block enabled. Of course, better than treating the flu is preventing it altogether. How is flu in babies treated? And you’ll want to make… Read More »