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Q&A with Peter Pronovost, Part 1: “We Need to Evolve from Being Reactive to Being Proactive.”

Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, University Hospitals When most people hear the name Peter Pronovost, they think about checklists, and for good reason. Nearly two decades ago, Dr. Pronovost developed a set of steps to eliminate infections from catheter lines, an innovation that helped save thousands of lives while also transforming the… Read More »

How did allergies evolve

Food allergy is a global health problem, and its prevalence is increasing 1. December 12, What is Autophagy? Food allergies and reaction of the immune system against nonpathogenic antigens will increase with a more potent somatic recombination and a higher recognition ability. Allergy is defined as an inappropriate immune response to an otherwise harmless substance… Read More »