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Confusion remains about ONC information blocking rules, even after start date

A poll taken this past month found that many healthcare industry stakeholders were still confused about federal information blocking rules – even though they were finalized more than a year ago and their new April 5 start date has been long publicized.   Now that the info blocking rules drafted by the Office of the… Read More »

Covid cases are rising and hospitalizations have plateaued even as vaccinations increase

Emergency Medical Technician Lenny Fernandez, Medical Assistant Rodnay Moore and Physician Assistant-Certified Calvin Davis, left to right, prepare doses of the Pfizer COVID vaccine as the city of Vernon Health Department staff used the city’s new mobile health unit clinic to administer COVID-19 vaccinations to nearly 250 essential food processing workers at Rose & Shore,… Read More »

10 reasons you’re not losing weight even though you’re on a diet – Insider – INSIDER

The diet isn’t adaptive to your changing body Crystal Cox/Business Insider If you’ve already lost some weight on the diet, you may have reached a so-called “plateau” due to metabolic adaption. That means your smaller body may require a different number of calories than when you first started out on your new plan, Insider’s Rachel… Read More »

US coronavirus deaths highest in the world even as hospitalizations slow in New York epicenter

Medical workers in a Monut Sinai ambulance respond to a call in the Financial District of New York, on Monday, March 30, 2020. Michael Nagle/Bloomberg via Getty Images The United States surpassed Italy on Saturday as the country with the most coronavirus deaths in the world, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.  At least… Read More »

Berniecare wouldn’t even pay a $15 minimum wage to displaced health insurance workers

Bernie Sanders swears that in his pursuit to criminalize the private insurance industry, his Medicare For All Act would still offer five years of financial security for the 1.5 million people left without their private industry jobs. “We build into our ‘Medicare for all’ program a transition fund of many, many billions of dollars that… Read More »