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How long does diet pepsi last

I thought that maybe they were just part of a bad batch of sodas from the bottling plant. There is a date on the bottom MAR, but what does that mean? Since soft drinks come with a date on the label, many people decide to discard them once they pass that date. He’s told me… Read More »

Wwhat does a keto diet look like

You can also substitute any of cheeses in the recipes for other types of cheese that you may find on sale. Also takes into account fluids, supplements, and medications. Most people can consume up to 50g total carbohydrates per day and maintain ketosis. Join here. Meat, fish, eggs, and dairy feature heavily in the keto… Read More »

Does diet pop hurt your teeth

In what sounds like the creepiest experiment ever, researchers from University of Melbourne’s Oral Health Cooperative Research Centre exposed extracted human molars to 15 beverages, including regular sodas, sports drinks, milk, and three sugar-free sodas. After a good soak, they examined all the teeth, checking for changes in calcium levels, weight, and surface damage. Surprisingly,… Read More »