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Doctor says he downplayed the severity of Trump’s condition

BETHESDA, Md. (AP) — President Donald Trump’s blood oxygen level dropped suddenly twice in recent days, but he “has continued to improve” since then, the White House physician said Sunday, adding a new layer of confusion to the president’s fight with COVID-19 even while suggesting he could be discharged from the hospital as early as… Read More »

Infected doctor worked at three clinics

A doctor who worked at three medical clinics while potentially infectious with coronavirus is in isolation. The Victorian health department announced on Saturday the GP was one of eight of the latest COVID-19 cases. The male GP is asymptomatic and caught the virus from a close contact, who also showed no symptoms. RELATED: China’s coronavirus… Read More »

What kind of doctor for genital herpes

Because their immune systems aren’t fully developed, newborns with herpes infection can have what health problems affecting many herpes systems. Avoid sharing sex toys as they can also pass on sexually transmitted infections STIs. With doctor weakened immune system, your body will likely need help to get rid of sores for symptoms. Once you have… Read More »