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Q&A with Laishy Williams-Carlson, Part 1: “What fills my cup is being integrated with operations.”

Laishy Williams-Carlson, CIO, Roper St. Francis Healthcare With any major project, establishing guiding principles is an absolutely critical step, but it’s one that doesn’t come without a healthy dose of dissidence. In fact, Laishy Williams-Carlson believes “there are some things you should argue about,” especially with a major EHR rollout. For CIOs, what’s most important… Read More »

Q&A with Peter Pronovost, Part 1: “We Need to Evolve from Being Reactive to Being Proactive.”

Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, University Hospitals When most people hear the name Peter Pronovost, they think about checklists, and for good reason. Nearly two decades ago, Dr. Pronovost developed a set of steps to eliminate infections from catheter lines, an innovation that helped save thousands of lives while also transforming the… Read More »

On Being Gay In Medicine: After The Supreme Court Victory, Still Work To Be Done – WBUR

Editor’s note: In 2012, When CommonHealth published Dr. Mark Schuster’s first piece on being gay in medicine, he was a leading pediatrics professor at Harvard. These days, he’s the founding dean and CEO of the brand new Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine, which will welcome its first class of students in Pasadena… Read More »