Plants for your bathroom

By | February 12, 2020

Previously sterile spaces are now being brightened up with plants, which help soften a bathroom by adding a more natural and earthy feel against cold tiles and chrome fixtures. They can also naturally add fragrance to the room and remove pollutants from the air.

According to online service directory hipages, the first step to keeping plants happy is to know what plants grow well in bathrooms. You then need to make sure you place them appropriately; some need to be near a window for light, while others are okay further away.

You should also take care watering them. All plants need some moisture to survive and while some will get enough from the steam released from a hot shower, others will need more care, and many varieties won’t cope in bathrooms at all. The high humidity will damage many of them, with limited light another contributing factor.

Finding plants that can survive the conditions (and have air-purifying properties) can help you grow a lush botanical setting in your bathroom.

Steam from the shower for instance, creates a hot and humid haven in which moisture-loving plants will thrive. Orchids, for example, are notoriously difficult to keep alive, but you have the best chance of doing so in the bathroom.

Can you keep plants in the shower? Some plants will survive this very intense environment, but not many.

It’s widely recommended we keep our showers to four minutes a day, but even in that time a plant can be overwatered, especially if several people use the same shower.

If you do want greenery near your shower, a better option may be to place it high, such as a hanging plant or something sitting on a shelf or ledge, that is not likely to get overwatered.

There are lots of ways to add a touch of green (and other colours) to your bathroom design.

Consider a few well-placed plants in coloured pots that complement your décor. Or splash out and install an indoor green wall behind the bath.

Another option is to plant a stunning feature outside the bathroom, behind a plate of glass. This clever effect gives the illusion of a green bathroom without the maintenance challenges or having it infringe on precious space.

According to hipages’ online guide, here are the 10 plants that will grow well in an Australian bathroom.

  1. Aloe vera
  2. Bromeliads
  3. Eternity plant
  4. Ferns
  5. Grape Ivy
  6. Lucky bamboo
  7. Peace lily
  8. Prayer plants
  9. Spider plant
  10. Zanzibar plant

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