Man rots penis with rubber bands

An Illinois man suffering from dementia was hospitalised after binding his genitals with rubber bands until his penis began to rot. “Strangulation cases like this are thankfully rare,” Dr Fardod O’Kelly, a urological surgeon at Beacon Hospital in Dublin, Ireland, told the Daily Mail of the grisly case, which was reported in the medical journal… Read More »

3 of the Best Deltoid Exercises to Do at Home

1. The standing dumbbell rear delt row The standing dumbbell rear delt row is an easy exercise targeting several areas of the deltoid area. The arms, shoulders and back all get a workout with this exercise, which has quite a few variations. In addition to the standing dumbbell rear delt row, instructions will also be… Read More »

Leukodystrophy Fact Sheet

Skip to main content menu search You are here What are the leukodystrophies? Leukodystrophy refers to genetic diseases that predominantly affect the white matter of the central nervous system (CNS). White matter is tissue made up of bundles of nerve fibers (axons) that connect nerve cells. The fibers are covered and protected by an insulating… Read More »