How did allergies evolve

By | June 6, 2020

how did allergies evolve

Food allergy is a global health problem, and its prevalence is increasing 1. December 12, What is Autophagy? Food allergies and reaction of the immune system against nonpathogenic antigens will increase with a more potent somatic recombination and a higher recognition ability. Allergy is defined as an inappropriate immune response to an otherwise harmless substance in the environment. The same principle may be at work with allergies as with sickle-cell anemia, says Stephen Galli, a pathologist from the Stanford team who focuses on immunology. Despite decades of inquiry, however, scientists remain unable to pin down why allergies occur. Unable to fight the pollen and other allergens, they will let these toxic molecules pass into their bodies, where they will damage organs and tissues. Are invertebrates capable of anticipatory immune responses?

Food allergy is pathophysiologic ally based on stimulation of the immune system at the first exposure, and allergic reactions develop during following exposures. Therefore, memory is the cornerstone of an allergy, as seen in the adaptive immune system. The adaptive immune system was first introduced during evolution in vertebrates, so we can say that invertebrates do not have allergic reactions. We can conclude that food allergy is a complication of animal evolution. Evolution also can cause diseases and complications; therefore, understanding it may help in allergy treatment. Food allergy is a global health problem, and its prevalence is increasing 1. Pathophysiology of non-IgE mediated food allergy are cytotoxic reaction, immune complex, or delayed type hypersensitivity reaction 4, 5. Food allergy reactions are regulated by the immune system, in which the adaptive immune system plays a major role. The immune system has improved in the process of evolution, contributing in the formation of allergies.

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