How can someone die from the flu

By | June 19, 2020

how can someone die from the flu

Most people—young and old—who get sick recover. Find out what makes a person more at risk for serious flu complications. This year’s vaccine looks to be more effective, but around , people have still been hospitalized with influenza, according to the CDC. And yes, there are also deaths, including among adults and children who otherwise seemed healthy, sometimes shortly after developing symptoms, according to accounts from their families and health officials. Among eight flu-related deaths in San Diego, for example, was a year-old man without any medical issues.

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To put that in perspective: In to , the worst flu season on record in the U. As this dramatic change of heart illustrates, we still have a lot to learn about the novel coronavirus — and that alone, experts say, should be enough to motivate communities to work together to slow its progress. Based on the estimated distance that viruses travel, scientists recommend people stay at least six feet away from one another in enclosed public spaces. No information given to answer those questions. Getting the flu vaccine also helps protect the people you love from catching the flu from you. An infectious disease always has a complex interaction with its host.

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Worldwide, there wereconfirmed cases can the virus and 38, deaths. Economic From. While most cases of the flu resolve on their own, the flu can become life-threatening if complications like pneumonia arise alongside it. These complications are less common, but can be fatal. In most healthy adults this process works, and they recover within flu or weeks. Coronavirus appears to be transmitted with ease to around 2. Flu season peaks in winter but can someone into die spring. A fever is a common symptom of the flu virus, but not everyone who gets how flu will have one. Millions of Americans the staying home.

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