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A better informed society can prevent lead poisoning disasters

Six years after it began, the Flint, Michigan, water crisis remains among the highest-profile emergencies in the United States. Extensive iron and lead corrosion of the water distribution system in Flint, coupled with lead release, created “red water” complaints, rapid loss of chlorine disinfectant and an outbreak of Legionnaires Disease that killed 12 people. State… Read More »

Hospitals’ financial recovery will be tied to the health of the economy, before and after COVID-19

Financial futures are at stake as hospitals continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and widespread unemployment has gripped the country.  Typically, a hospital’s budgeting processes aren’t affected by widespread unemployment, but in this prolonged economic downturn, two factors — the loss of employer-sponsored health insurance and reduced consumer spending — has greatly hindered the… Read More »

Sex & Coronavirus: How to Have Sex with Your Mask On? Safety Measures to Follow During Coitus amid the COVID-19 Pandemic Without Compromising on Intense Orgasms

Sex amid coronavirus- a subject that is being discussed ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Many health authorities and organisation, shared tips and advisories for people to be safe while having sex while the contagious disease is taking lives all around the world. Recently a top doctor from Canada said that you might want to… Read More »