How to use lemon for acne

For me some ‘fresh’ zits will sting, but it actually itches for me. Related Articles. Live better. September, 14 Nutrition. Baking t is a popular method that many people use to help treat acne breakouts. Unfortunately, though, there’s no indication that drinking lemon juice has any effect on acne. Is it safe? Another method of… Read More »

Why do type 1 diabetics take insulin

The symptoms of both types of diabetes hake be subtle at first, and they may not cause symptoms at all. The type news is that sticking to the diabetics can help people feel healthy and avoid diabetes problems later. If you’re having trouble managing your blood sugar or take have questions, don’t hesitate to contact… Read More »

Coronavirus: ‘Right thing’ to be part of plasma trial

Media playback is unsupported on your device Blood plasma from patients who have recovered from Covid-19 is being tested as a potential treatment for those still suffering from the disease. It is hoped transfusing seriously ill patients with the plasma – which contains coronavirus antibodies – can give struggling immune systems a helping hand. Mother-of-seven… Read More »

How bad is beer for diabetics

Compare this to a normal beer that can have up to 15 grams of carbs for one pint. Lewis says experts no longer count alcohol carbohydrates as food, and neither should you. How does moderate beer consumption decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes? Alcohol can also contain a lot of calories, which can lead… Read More »

Can anorexia be treated at home

You can do a lot of prep work to make the perfect sleep environment. You and your treatment team determine what your needs are and come up with goals and guidelines. This therapy will include trying to understand how your eating habits are related to what you think. If eating disorders are not treated, they… Read More »