Wigmaker sues bdnews24.com for reporting worker unrest

Like other mainstream media outlets, bdnews24.com also published the incident at the factory on Jun 27 last year amid the coronavirus crisis. The bdnews24.com report was based on comments made by the district police, EPZ authorities and deputy commissioner before journalists. TV networks had also aired their remarks. But the Evergreen authorities now allege that… Read More »

Do You Have Pogonophobia?

What thing did Karl Marx, Leonardo DaVinci, and Walt Whitman have in common? All these men wore beards, and according to a new study, beards are almost always rife with bacteria, meaning they all probably had microbe overload. The study found that the typical beard carries more germs than does dog fur. Beards used to… Read More »

Is crying good for you?

It’s safe to say that 2020 gave us more than enough to cry about. Yet even prior to last year, it seems that we were crying fairly often. Researchers note that, on average, American women cry 3.5 times each month, while American men cry about 1.9 times each month. These figures may take some of… Read More »