Near Burnout

Have you ever found yourself in the dark fumbling around to find the light switch? Well, that is me on a daily basis looking for my off switch. It’s difficult for me to take a break. This is especially true when I become passionate about something. I launched Orthorexia Bites to make a change. My… Read More »

Remote Possibilities: How CIOs Are Navigating the Challenges of a Post-Covid Workforce

Cara Babachicos, SVP & CIO, South Shore Health System Before the world changed last March, most healthcare organizations had some type of remote work model in place; how it was utilized varied widely, but the majority had at least dipped their toes into the space. And so, when organizations had to fully immerse themselves in… Read More »

What to Expect from Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

Many states require pharmacy technicians to attend training programs and get national certification. In a few states, the minimum requirement to become a pharmacy technician is a high school diploma or equivalent. Even if states do not require training and certification, having them can boost your confidence and stand out to potential employers. Here’s what… Read More »

Why We Need to Discuss the COVID-19 Vaccine with Women of Childbearing Age

When we meet with women for perinatal psychiatry consultations, we now ask about vaccinations.  It’s not something we typically do, but after the last year, we are now getting involved in their decisions regarding vaccination against COVID-19.  Just as we counsel women to avoid alcohol and to consistently take their prenatal vitamins, providing information on… Read More »