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Take Charge Of Your Health This Women’s Day

#EachForEqual campaign message 2020 this Women’s Day. The campaign highlights, forging equality in six key areas crucial to a “healthier, wealthier and more harmonious” world. One of the campaign highlights, Empowering women through health education of which Women Fitness has been an integral part for more than 20 years.  The WF team through relentless hard… Read More »

This Double Kettlebell Workout Will Scorch Your Shoulders and Legs

If you’re only using kettlebells for swings and Turkish getups, you’re sorely missing out on some killer total-body work. These two movements Omar Bolden, former Broncos safety and Super Bowl 50 champ, demos in a superset workout: the double kettlebell push press and double kettlebell goblet squat. The workout requires you to complete 10 total… Read More »

How to Solve This Tricky Dice Brainteaser Amazon Uses in Job Interviews

Tim Grist PhotographyGetty Images Candidates are often asked to answer obscure or tricky math and probability questions during job interviews at tech companies like Google and Amazon. This dice problem, as demonstrated on YouTube by Presh Talwalkar, is one such example. You are given two dice: one is normal, the other is blank. Your task… Read More »