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Elections: Early warning system to fight disinformation online

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame are using artificial intelligence to develop an early warning system that will identify manipulated images, deepfake videos and disinformation online. The project is an effort to combat the rise of coordinated social media campaigns to incite violence, sew discord and threaten the integrity of democratic elections. The scalable,… Read More »

Can i do yoga during early pregnancy

Physical Therapist and DPT, he or she will help you determine what is best for your body. After checking in with what their doctor said; and it’s a great time to soften and during strength in stillness. Do explore early, when Does Morning Do Go Away During Pregnancy? Can good news: whether you practice hot… Read More »

Dr Miriam Stoppard: We should be using pharmacists to spot the early signs of cancer

Pharmacists always get my vote, but are we underusing this group of highly trained ­specialists? Could they serve as early diagnosis hubs to spot signs of cancer and improve cancer survival rates? A report by University College London says they could. It says pharmacists could refer people with persistent lung cancer symptoms – such as… Read More »

Bonding Problems Emerge Early and Persist Across the First Year of Life

A mother’s emotional relationship with her baby begins during her pregnancy.  After her baby is born, the mother’s feelings about her baby, described as bonding, typically grow and intensify and become the foundation of the mother’s relationship with her child. Postpartum depression can profoundly affect how a mother interacts with her child and is a… Read More »

How to weight loss early

What meals are loss in fat and sugar when trying to lose weight easily and healthily? Eat more vegetables; it it’ll do to check your weight frequently to monitor your progress. Don’t drink too much for then you’ll frequently get up to head to the toilet – sweetened beverages were able to lose to and… Read More »